Rike Beck is an artist and researcher. She studied at the University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein in Halle, Germany and graduated with honors in 2007. Her work focuses on the intimate connection between memories, perception and the expression and different layers of identity. Rike Beck is based in Berlin, her work is exhibited and published internationally.

As member of the design research lab at the University of Arts in Berlin and the “Silk Road Fashion” team of the German Archaeological Institute, she works with the traces and personal belongings of the deceased. Since these mummified corpses have been extremely well preserved, they silently carry information about their past lives. Using reconstruction techniques she extracts information about their identities, personal biographies and their culture.

Rike explores the composition and structure of identity through different media as collage, painting, text, graphic, and textile. In her current work she investigates the direct link of our past and memories on our individual perception as well as the creative process by itself. She examines the diverse stages of connection with an artwork, from the artist's creative process through to the viewers relation to the finished piece. Through the different media she experiments with the effects and consequent influence of various materials on the artistic expression and how divergent contexts can shift the meaning of an creative work. Rike Beck's works are in government property as well as in privat hands.